About Us

JobsCapital.com is an integral part of Pakistan based Business and Management Consultancy ‘ZIST Limited’ established since 2008. JobsCapital.com is a distinct all purpose job board offering job listings from various organizations including businesses, direct companies and recruitment agencies. JobsCapital.com has been developed from the concept of integrating the most excellent features, design practices and privacy principles of the leading pakistan job search websites.

Our mission at JobsCapital.com is to act as the webs top intermediary between employers/recruiterss and job seekers. This intermediary process includes supplying a simple navigable design, user friendly interface and responsive customer service that is above the industry hallmark.

JobsCapital.com believes that privacy of our candidates is of paramount importance and provides the option to allow candidates to Sign up with a job seeker account and make your resume and details anonymous only allowing employers to whom you have sent your resume to have access to your contact information and personal details.

JobsCapital.com aim is to list thousands of employment opportunities posted by Paksitan’s top companies and organizations. Our goal is to make the process of finding a job or candidate as straight forward as possible and to make these jobs accessible to all applicants. Our services are 100% free to all job seekers; they can search by job expertise, type or location and see at a glance what is available.

To accomplish this aim JobsCapital.com has set the following three long term objectives:

1. Generate job board to meet the future demands of job seekers and employers.

2. Supply the best user-friendly design, interface and customer support.

3. Persistently resolve privacy concerns associated to data received from job seekers and employers.