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Agnitus is a developer of personalized learning app on the iPad. We use cloud technologies and analytic to automatically update learning content, show performance report cards and provide tips and tricks to improve and excel.
Product: The product is based on a growth plan and curriculum for three year olds and up. It caters towards cognitive learning, language arts, math and personal creativity by providing a wide assortment of engaging, developmentally appropriate activities and games that lead to a successful future. Using cloud technologies and data analytic it automatically adjusts and updates learning content, track and show academic progress and performance report card. It provides parents with tips and tricks to help with child's learning and sets up rewards to track and achieve learning goals and increase parent-child engagement.
Team: Agnitus is founded by graduates of Harvard, Stanford , Cornell, Columbia, and Carnegie Mellon who have worked at world class institutions such as MIT Media Labs, Intel, Scholastic and Auto desk to Silicon Valley start ups like Ithaca Software (acquired by Autodesk), Cubus (acquired by Sword-CTSpace) Riya and Like (acquired by Google).

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