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Qubee is a new company providing fast, reliable and competitively priced broadband internet services to residential and small business customers across Pakistan. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy trouble-free access to the internet and the world of opportunities that it brings. Our aim is to make a magical internet experience available to everyone, everyday, without exception.

Qubee is the brainchild of a group of global telecoms professionals who saw that a new technology called WiMAX could really change the internet experience for millions of people worldwide. WiMAX means that you do not need telephone lines or cable to get connected: all you need is to live close enough to a transmitter to receive the internet wireless. As you read, we are busy building a network of transmitters to offer our brand of internet access right across Pakistan. We are starting in Karachi, but quickly plan to do the same in cities nationwide.

As you might imagine, building a network like this needs to be done properly. So we have gathered a highly talented team right here in Pakistan to build a company that is determined to improve the internet experience for millions of people, not just here, but ultimately all over the world.

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