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We work with businesses and service their web sites by integrating Telemarketing and Internet Marketing. We provides a turnkey solution for combining telemarketing resources with internet marketing to generate qualified leads and convert them to sales.

Citi Response is a dynamic and continually growing Marketing Call Center and Technology outsourcing company with Three Call Centers in Orlando USA and 4 (four) contact centers across the Asia. We create better customer relationships, increased sales, and increased revenues for better returns. Our commitment to those Sales Skills and the fulfillment of all expectations leading from that commitment puts Citi Response above the competition. When we commit to our clients, we also commit to their existing & potential customers. Citi Response makes sure of it in all our offerings: Telemarketing, Sales, Customer Care, Help Desk & Technical Support, Back Office Outsourcing, and Information Technology Outsourcing. Citi Response has built its success on knowing our clients, adopting dynamic processes, leading with quality in all we do, and implementing creative and innovative solutions.

The Citi Response mission is to provide consistently successful customer solutions across all contact center channels, and to develop their business, increase ROI and generate new customers. Citi Response's unique value proposition offers our clients a full range of contact center services including: Telemarketing, Leads Generation and Increased Sal

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