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The Cupola Group’s history mirrors the success story of Dubai. Cupola started life as a venture capital boutique almost two decades ago, the brain child of Arif Naqvi – the founder and CEO of Abraaj Capital, a leading investor operating in global growth markets with over $7.5 billion of assets under management.
The group’s historical milestones include the setting up of numerous franchise concepts in the region including Pizza Express, TGI Fridays, Thomas Cook, and Estee Lauder among others. Cupola also provided the operational and financial nucleus of a number of pioneering concepts in the Middle East, prominent among these are the first Contact Centre in the region established in 1999 (CTS), which has become the core of a regionally focussed BPO; a Visa/MasterCard accredited financial cards manufacturing and personalisation unit (CPC) recently sold to Oberthur Technologies; and a document management business which was subsequently sold to Aramex.

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