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We are the pioneers in offset printing and packaging in Pakistan. Mr. S.M. Ehteshamuddin (Late) laid the foundation of our organization (it was then named as Ehtesham Process) in 1954. Since then, we have been successful in achieving sustained growth. Our current CEO, Mr. S.M. Salahuddin is the son of Mr. Ehteshamuddin. He assumed this position in 1977 after completing his education. He brings along knowledge and skills gained from training courses in Pakistan as well as from abroad, in the field of Graphic Art, Printing and Packaging. He also possesses extensive and in depth technical experience regarding all aspects of printing; especially packaging. In the new millennium, S.M. Naseeruddin and S.M. Muneebuddin as being the third generation of Ehtesham Packages, have joined the company to apply their fresh thoughts and spirit as young blood.

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