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Now functioning as chain of Pakistan and foreign companies, the Group originated with Fateh Textile Mills Limited, Hyderabad in 1952. Fateh Textiles now ranks s one of the largest textile manufacturers and exporters in Pakistan The Fateh Group initially introduced its products in the local market, it was nearly after a decade when the group ventured into the international market of Europe, the United States of America and also former soviet Union, In addition to overseas offices, the group employs as worldwide network of seventy overseas agent to distribute high quality Fateh products to as many as seventy countries of the world. Fateh Group’s production facilities re concentrated in the city of Hyderabad. Modernization and expansion of production facilities has been a regular feature in the history of Fateh Group’s progress. As a result the Group now employs a work-force of over 10,000 at its various plants and offices and is an equal opportunity employer offering unmatched incentives to employess. The Group’s major labor force has been provided accommodation within the factory premises.
The dynamic thinking of the family head, Inyat Ullah, has led the Group to achieve a high degree of professional excellence. The group’s middle and top management comprises of highly qualified and experienced team players.

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