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The hospital was born out of a tragic history of personal bereavement. Maulvi Feroz-ud-din,

a prominent scholar, lost his young wife, Kaneez Fatima, during childbirth in 1917, due to

a severe lack of adequate medical facilities. In 1944, he founded the Ferozsons Trust with

an initial cash endowment along with all the proceeds from his books. The aims of this

Trust were to provide quality medical care to the under-privileged of society on a non-

profit, self-sustaining basis; and to promote the education and social development of the

community. The fulfillment of this vision began in 1971, when his son and daughter-in-law,

Dr. Abdul Waheed and Begum Saida Waheed donated all their assets towards the construction

of a hospital for women and children. It started as a 200 bed community hospital for women

and children care. By the Grace of God Almighty Fatima Memorial Hospital has transformed

into a 510 bed multi-specialty tertiary care teaching hospital.

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