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INTERWOOD is a BRAND and a lifestyle which is affordable, aesthetically pleasing, durable and comparable in quality and workmanship to the best in the world. We deal in doors, kitchens, wardrobes,office and home furnishers

All Interwood products are made to highest quality standards (Comparable to the best in the World). State of the art seasoning plants, machinery from Italy & Germany and the skill, motivation, enterprise and dedication of Interwood personnel result in products whose QUALITY – PRICE ratio is One of the best, If not, The best in the World.

ONE WINDOW SERVICE: Interwood is the only company in Pakistan which will give you a complete solution for your home i.e. DOORS, KITCHENS, KITCHEN APPLIANCES, WARDROBES, WOOD & LAMINATE FLOORS. It is a ONE WINDOW OPERATION. You don’t have to hire a carpenter or another Supplier. You will be amazed to see the savings in time and money and of course the UNMATCHED QUALITY is a bonus. The story does not end here. If you want to have your home furnished tastefully and economically, you can do it with our HOME FURNITURE.

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