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SjS International has been dealing in cosmetics and toiletries for last 30 years. What we have earned in 3 decades is our customers trust on us. In this long working period, The Company has gone through different stages of progress and has earned experience and knowledge to understand the demands and needs of different customers. Now the company possesses a better place and goodwill in the market. We have become one of the biggest importer and supplier of toiletries and color cosmetics in Pakistan.

SjS international is importing from various countries worldwide. Dubai, Thailand, UK, Turkey, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Korea and China are some of the major countries from where we use to import. SjS International has always been working to achieve the trust and confidence of customers. In our organization we have a determinant workforce with a stronghold leadership of the employees who are well educated and recognized in the community. We have never been content with just following along, but have taken the initiative in setting the pace for others. We always look forward to help and support as per feedback of our product users to create a better and more convenient relationship with our friends and entire consuming community throughout the country.

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