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Set up a jobs by email alert and we'll send any new jobs to your inbox.

  • Get register or login as job seeker to
  • Setup your profile by expressing your expertises
  • JobsCapital's JBE (Jobs by Email) engine will forward emails matching your expertises to your inbox as they posted to system.

The function of Jobs by Email Engine have an efficient automated JBE (Jobs by Email) engine. JBE checks new posted jobs in the current date and forward them to job seekers those are target seekers for these jobs. This automated function makes is the best choice for seekers as well as recruiters/employers.

How to avail Jobs by Email (JBE)

If you want to use this feature on, it is realy simple and only few steps require to enroll your email in's Jobs by Email engine.

First of all if you are an existing job seeker on then just login into your seeker account or if you are new user of then get register to a new seeker account.

After login, setup your profile. Profile setup is most important step to hunt right job for you. As it lets Employer to judge your expertises and qualification.

During profile setup, check off option where system is asking for "I want JobsCapital by email engine periodically send me job alerts matching my expertises"

By following these simple steps, your email will automatically enrolled in JBE engine.

if you still have any problem or confusion, feel free to contact us or email us at